Anna's Mushroom Hunting Obsession Checklist: Are You A Fungus Fanatic?

Editor’s Note: There Is No Cure for My Mushroom Obsession. That’s Just How I Like It. The first time I went on a mushroom hunting expedition, I realized immediately that it was going to become a passion bordering on obsession for me. Read More

Misunderstanding Mycology: How to Explain Mushroom Hunting to Family and Friends

Editorial Note: Well folks, it’s been one heck of a week at my day job, which means I have had little time to dedicate to writing blogs. I am working on a series about chanterelle mushrooms that you can look Read More

What Is It/Can I Eat It? Mushroom Forays for Novices

Editor’s Note: Well, it’s (more or less) morel season here in North Carolina, and so it’s soon time for our local black morels (Morchella angusticeps) and yellow morels (Morchella esculentoides, Morchella diminutiva, and my personal favorite North Carolina morel, Morchella virginiana), to make an appearance Read More