A Quick Tour of the Amanita Genus

Editor’s Note: This post was inspired by a reader who suggested that I take a bit of time on this blog to explain how to determine the genus of different sorts of mushrooms. One of the best approaches to learning wild mushroom Read More

Mushroom Hunting Diversion Tactics for Beginners

A Quick Editorial Note From Your Fungally Obsessed Author I decided to take a brief break from my ongoing series on morel mushrooms. Earlier this week and last week, I posted three entries about the unparalleled morel mushroom: one about morels Read More

Old Man of the Woods Mushroom, Strobilomyces Floccopus

One of North America’s most unusual edible wild mushrooms is called Strobilomyces floccopus, which is a dark, scurfy fungus that is gray-white with tufts of black hair on the cap and a fine layer of dark fur on the mushroom’s Read More